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MID Basic Visitor Management System

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Micro ID Standalone Visitor Management System is a solution to track and manage visitors. In many facilities, visitors are still being registered using a paper log or guest book. While it is easy to register using this conventional way, it is harder to trace visitors’ records. MID Basic Visitor Management System is specifically designed to efficiently manage, visitor's arrival and departure.

  • Tracking of visitors using a software and either Mykad, or manual entry.

  • Reduced contact time between visitor and entry point which will eventually reduce waiting time for regular and residents / workers / staff entry on queue.

  • Visitors information will be extracted from the Mykad for future reference. (PDPA ACT 2010 – not for commercial use or distribution).

  • Able to blacklist visitors from entering premises (previous record of theft, etc when entering premises).

  • Print Report.

  • MyKAD Reader Integration.


User Manual

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