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BF1010 Digital Input and Output Controller

  • 10 Digital Inputs and 10 Digital Outputs

  • Monitor Digital Inputs: Panic Button, Temperature Sensor, Door
    Sensor, ...etc.

  • Remote Control Outputs: Siren, Alarm, Light, Fan, ...etc.

  • Report E-map monitoring and email alert

  • Master & Slave structure (Max 30 DI and 30 DO)

  • Sensor text overlay (BF1010 DIO controller with temperature /
    humidity / CO2 sensors, shown real room status from sensors)

  • Alarm alert (screen alerts from events - unregistered user, door open too long)

  • Setup trigger events between terminals thru TCP/IP

  • For Example:
    (1) Use for panic button system
    (2) Door alarm monitoring system


Installation Guide


Wiring Diagram


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