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MID Advanced Visitor Management System

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​Micro ID Visitor Management System is a solution to track and manage visitors. In many facilities, visitors are still being registered using a paper log or guest book. While it is easy to register using this conventional way, it is harder to trace visitors’ records. Visitor Management System is specifically designed to efficiently manage, visitor's arrival and departure.

  • Visitor Tracking & Contractor Tracking

  • Operator dashboard for real time visitor’s status

  • Simple to use intuitive interface

  • Whitelist and blacklist

  • Comprehensive reposting engine

  • Integrated to Micro Access C Access Control Systems

  • Host Quick Search

  • Visitor History

  • Automatic database backup to local or remote host

  • Export Report to CSV or PDF

  • Mykad Reader Integration

  • Visitor Category listing

  • Emergency Evacuation report


User Manual

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