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Straight Arm Barrier Gate

Micro ID MDZ-121 barrier gate is offered with an elegant design that appeals to aesthetic appearance. The barrier can add LED light to the arm to lead the way to the vehicles, the LED strip puts itself visible to the vehicles or passengers in pitch-black environments.​

This premium boom barrier has 140W D.C. motor drive, 24V operated that provides trouble-free, noiseless operations. Barrier open/close can be adjusted from 1.5sec to 6sec. Ademas, the operation direction can be changed LEFT or RIGHT. The arm length up to 6 meters. In addition to push buttons and wireless control, the barrier includes safety peripherals such as photo beam sensors/loop detectors.

MD-12 barrier has the feature of 'Auto arm bounce' on hit with vehicles. Also, the boom arm will 'swing o' if the vehicle tries to collide on the closed arm. This doesn't make any harm to barrier housing and arm. The boom lengths from 3m to 6m for standard straight arm and articulated arm is up to 4m. High & Low temperature tests, ingress protection.

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