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MX60-D1/D2/D4 Multi-Doors Network Controller

  • 1/2/4 Doors 1 or two ways access control

  • Built-in http web based management

  • Software provide for advance management

  • Built-in relays for door exit button/door lock/door sensor

  • IP Camera integrated if needed for real time image monitoring

  • 20,000 user cards / 60,000 event logs / 1,500 system logs

  • Time setting / zone setting / group setting / holiday setting

  • Support wiegand 26 / 34 format reader

  • DIO function for event such as fire alarm system triggering device without delay

  • Support Anti pass back and inter-locking functions

  • Economic solution for RFID card access control site

  • Suitable for homes/schools/hotels/small offices

  • Optional 4 relay box module for 3 events handle and 1 security or energy saving​


D1 Installation Guide

D2 Installation Guide

D4 Installation Guide

D1 Web Manual

D2 Web Manual

D4 Web Manual


Wiring Diagram

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