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Mid-Range Reader

  • High sensitivity and reliable performance.

  • Built-in transceiver antenna for maximum performance.

  • Maximum effective distance from 40-100cm (depends on site condition and what types of the card using).

  • Less than 100ms decoding time.

  • Low power dissipation with single power supply.

  • Built-in buzzer.

  • Potted for environmental protection.

  • Sales Code: MR-00MR-26

User Manual



Recommended Practices for Installations:

  • Check the power input connection and make sure that they are connected properly.

  • Use suffcient high-watt power.

  • When external power is used, make sure sharing the power with controller or share the same GND.

  • Advice use 4 cores standard alarm cable to connect the reader to controller (suggested use 0.22 square millimeters and the length should not exceed 30 meters).

  • Make sure not to install the reader near to conductive surface, it may reduce the card reading range.

  • Try to add the bracket or install reader to another place if still has reading problem.

Mid-Range Card

mid range card - 200.jpg

Mid-Range Reader Bracket

mid range reader bracket - 200.jpg
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