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Tripod Turnstile - 400.jpg

Tripod Turnstile

  • Made of 304 stainless steel, tripod turnstile with nice and elegant shape, anti-rust, durable, resistant to external damage.

  • Alarm function: When arm are pushed by force illegally, alarm will be triggered automatically and arms will be set locked.

  • Auto-drop-arm function: the arm can drop down automatically when the power is off.

  • Auto-lift-arm function: the arm can lift automatically with alert when the power is on again.

  • Automatic reset function: after swap the card, if user didn’t pass through the turnstile in specific time period, the system will auto reset the access authority.

  • Turnstile can be setting the working condition by press the button of main control board.

  • The turnstile can work with any access control system.



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