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MR8 Anti-Clone Proximity Reader

MR8 series is a simple with high-value reader for access control applications. It is very attractive because of its unique wavelike appearance which looks slim, stylish and elegant. Housed in a weatherproof potted enclosure, so MR8 series can withstand the harshest of environments and work normally and reliably in inclement weather.

The MR8 series is capable of reading 125KHz EM card and 13.56MHz Mifare card and supporting Wiegand 26 or 4 bits for your flexible option to work with the controller. Besides that, MR8 series also support Micro ID proprietary format, Midgi format to read Midgi card to prevent the card duplication issue. Midgi card has built-in security algorithm that can’t be cracked and copied and this moment.

MR8 series provides keypad models and keypadless models to meet the different operation purposes. MR8 keypad reader equips with 12-key touch keypad with high-quality LED backlight that looks both high-tech and modern and help you use in darkness environment.


Video Demo

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