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Micro ID Interlocking Module

  • Micro ID Interlocking device can support up to 2, 4 or multi doors interlock system.

  • The interlocking module is use to prevents more than one door being open at anytime, thus creating an airlock between the inner and outer environment.

  • Switchable for fail safe and fail secure locks.

  • Compatible with third party access control system or work as standalone unit.

  • Multiple units can be connected together for scenarios where more than 4 doors need to be interlocked.

  • Simple to wire up.


2 Door Interlocking Wiring Diagram

4 Door Interlocking Wiring Diagram


  • Processor: ESP32 Series

  • Operation Voltage: 12V

  • Operation Current: 100mA

  • Lock relay voltage: 30Vdc max

  • Lock relay current: 1A max

  • Dimension: 97mm x 57mm

Wiring Diagram

IO Board.jpg
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