Interlocking System

Micro ID Interlocking device is a 4 doors interlock device that prevents more than one door being open at anytime, thus creating an airlock between the inner and outer environment. It’s compatible with all types of Access Control system but can also be used as a standalone device.​

Wiring Diagram


Wiring Diagram

  • Switchable for fail safe and fail secure locks

  • Compatible with third party access control system or work as standalone unit.

  • Multiple units can be connected together for scenarios where more than 4 doors need to be interlocked

  • Simple to wire up

  • Processor: PIC16F1503 or PIC16F1824

  • Operation Voltage: 12V

  • Operation Current: 100mA

  • Lock relay voltage: 30Vdc max

  • Lock relay current: 1A max

  • Dimension: 83mm x 103mm

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